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How I Passed Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader

Cloud Digital Leader tests your understanding about Google cloud services.

Exam will test your ability to choose right services for the given situation.

If you are starting out, it’s recommended to give yourself a month of time.

Preparation materials


’s YouTube Video

Priyanka Vergadia

’s Sketch book If you are book reading person, you will love the material

Priyanka’s YouTube Video Collections will be very useful companion for the exam.

CourseEra’s course on Cloud Digital Leader. I have used only the quiz part to check whether my preparation was enough.

Here’s my Cloud Digital Leader Credentials. All the best for your cloud journey. Feel free to connect at LinkedIn.

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New badges added in #MyCloudDiary :: ..

First one for this year — Welcome 2023 ! Looking forward to many more :)Thanks to a few late nights and great support from my employer Google, pleased to share with my network my first official licensed Google Certificate — Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader.

Becoming a certified Cloud Digital Leader opened my eyes to the Google Cloud technologies that I benefit from every day. The products are no longer just a name. They’re now understood, recognized, and appreciated as problem-solving, innovation driving, and mind-blowing solutions. I challenge anyone that works for an organization who has embraced Google Cloud to become the next Google Cloud #certifiedclouddigitalleader

You can find more about the certifications and training materials below:
About certification:
Google Cloud Certification Credential Holder Directory :

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