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Discussion on: Is anyone really using SASS anymore?

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha
  • I don't think sass will lose it relevance any time soon. Even in today's landscape. Recent css features are cool but using them is cumbersome compared to what sass have. And compiling scss to generate so called CSS4 file is best of both world. Take a read on this article This article and its update demonstrate how we can utilize best of modern css features while still having coding convenience of scss.

  • I am still using scss because I hate using large css framework. Using scss gives me benefit of having a semi-actual programming language to create optimised css for the site. I was also inspired by 2014 talk from Heydon Pickering for a clean and minimal css approach.

  • I have used tailwind with sass for quick prototyping. But for production, I would still keep sass ui project.

  • My tip is to watch "heydon pickering | effortless style 2014". It will change the way you approach styling. Also Blogs on codepen are great resource. My fav author is Jake Albaugh and Chris Coyier