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re: This works if you are the only one working on the project. I can image you would need to create a detailed readme explaining every command and whic...

Not really... These are personal shell scripts which acts as wrapper for tooling. I mainly freelance with PHP or node in backend, and Typescript and Sass for frontend.

So for example new-project.sh will interactively ask my project parameters and then

  1. create a predefined project structure, Also copy my general eslintrc and phpcs
  2. execute composer init and yarn init.
  3. copy a docker-compose file for my runtime stack.

I do have predefined template for webpack, and wordpress, basic slim-starter, express, meteor, vue-laravel, etc.

As for the details of readme, It is just 'npm run build' 'npm run build-prod' 'npm run clean' etc. All commands are listed in npm script block.

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