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Discussion on: The Mediator Pattern in JavaScript

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha • Edited on

Can you elaborate as if I am five?

This isn't how we create public and private code inside though,
 we do it by what's being returned using closure. 
We returned an object which is exposed to the caller.
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I was about to write an elaborate explanation, but Douglas Crockford already wrote an extensive article about this 😄:

The keyword is "closure", an example is visible in a constructor-function:

function Person(firstName, lastName) {
  function fullName() {
    return `${firstName} ${lastName}`;

  this.introduce = function() {

When a Person is created we can call introduce on it, but not fullName, essentially making fullName private.

Keep in mind, closures are not limited to constructors! A closure is defined as "a function with its variable scope". Simplified that means that a function 'remembers' the scope it was defined in.

I hope it helps!

For more info you can check