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Discussion on: Are there things you see in others' code that just automatically makes you twitch/shudder

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Bootstrap css or any other css framework which makes you use 4-5 level of unnecessary nested Dom elements just to make a simple form look align. Infact, After watching few old talks from Heydon Pickering last years, I have started focusing on better CSS writing instead of depending on Scss to do my dirty work.

I recently updated a client's website from over 600kb of css to about 160kb (even after adding micro-animations for more modern feel). Total js size reduced from about 1mb to just 280kb using typescript and removing all dom libraries. My IDE is smart enough to type document.getElementById for me.

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Sebastian Vargr

Totally agree, I switched to SCSS mixins for css re-use and never looked back.

Css libraries were a nice lazy thing in the beginning, but there are much better alternatives today. :)