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Discussion on: Do we really need classes in JavaScript after all?

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha • Edited on

As a php developer, who use js for front-end only, Classes didn't benefit me much. I already used OO-Js by extending proto, and always had a namespace for my script.

On flipside, recently, I have used typescript to generate said front-end script, And classes makes organization better. Compiled ecma-5 code does contain extra junk than what I would have normally written, but it's a tradeoff I can accept.

Now, as a node developer who work on back-end, Classes have made my life easier, I can work with normal OOPs mindset, Organize modules in a way that make sense. Classes makes js feel like a proper programming language. Again, Typescript makes working on it better. If you remember time before typescript, code organization was messy.

So in summery, classes are surely important addition to language. What is hard is that our mindset still sees js as a scripting language, and with that, classes feels like an unnecessary complication. So a noob mindhack I used was to tell myself that js is a scripting language and TS is a compiled OOP language. That cleaned up my itchy coding.