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Discussion on: Pitch me on C#

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

C# is similar to Java from a point that if you learn C#, skills related to code structure that you will learn will form the basis of your entire developer life.
Sometimes I feel that there are just an overload of language features creating a confusion on what technique to use. Where one thing can be done with many techniques, All techniques are valid and have different tradeoffs. Microsoft is known for that. Typescript is also an overload of features.

At present, Biggest benefit of learning C# is that it is a truly universal language. Dotnet Core is available for mac, windows, linux. You can create mobile apps with C# using xamrin libraries. Blazor webassembly has a good DX if your stack is already dotnet based. For game development, Unity, Unreal, Godot, And many more, allows you to use C#. Some home-automation system are also programmable with C#. If I remember correctly, Arduino board was also planning to implement C# sdk.