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Discussion on: Pitch me on PHP

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

@dhravya Don't trust simply on the basis on what you hear, There is a lot of hate going around for php, but there is a reason It is still going so strong. Also These hate comes from old php (php <=5). The php that you would learn today is completely different language, not just an incremental upgrade. From personal experience, PHP-8 is almost as good of experience as Java J2EE for large scale Application ( now known as Jakarta EE, not to be confused by similarly named Apache Jakarta).

About language inconsistencies, it will make sense when you learn that it was borrowed from underlying system (c or perl depending on module. ). And regarding the community inconsistencies like different framework had different coding guidelines ( mostly for those which existed before PSR), That is true for almost any language (except for Java, Those guys created strict coding guidelines from the day 1). ANSI-C is quite different Turbo-C, Comodor basic was quite different than atari-basic even though they are both based on MS Q-basic. Now, almost all frameworks are getting streamlined in coding guidelines by adopting PSR at some level.

I highly recommend you to watch 25 years of PHP from its creator Rasmus Lerdorf, During lunch on some weekend, as a casual watch recommendation.
Those who say "It's a really bad language" has never learned php properly enough. Sometimes not all book should be judge by its cover alone. PHP as a language might feel weird at first, But it is a very practical language. Going through the underlying c code, is also an awesome experience, you will learn a lot of micro-optimization tricks which can be translated into any language you work with.