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Discussion on: Files every open-source project should have

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha • Edited on

For your .editorconfig, Do include following lines if you want to make sure your markdown files doesn't get messed up.

        trim_trailing_whitespace = false
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Also if project can expect newbies or beginner level contributors, I also prefer to set default charset to UTF-8 because sometimes on some editors on windows, its not set as default.

Another point I recently started adopting, it to set indent_size to a designated value specially if you are using spaces, because I actually prefer size 4 at least but many editors including vscode have size 2 as default which for me is too low. I also met some old school c programmers which set tab size to 8 for them.

I don't want to get into holy war tab vs spaces but recently for a new project I started setting default indent to tabs instead of spaces ( mostly because of aforementioned old school c programmers with 8 tab width having conflict with new python programmer with 2 tab width. ) with a reason given to me as "count the indentations, size of indents doesn't matter" . This dev article inspired me to do that. But in the end, it is personal preferences.

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Saad Irfan Author

Hey! You are absolutely right about all this. The sample I gave is an example of contents you have in .editorconfig. Because if you look up any of my OS projects, you will find I have all these set in my .editorconfig file. But I didn't know about the markdown thingy. Thanks for that!

P.S. I also prefer tab size of 4. I have configured my VSCode to use tab size 4. :D

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Anton Ohorodnyk

Thanks for .editorconfig file, I did not know about it, but it’s must to use!