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Discussion on: Hey there , should i use linux on vmware for programming , or give me an advice thanks

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Abhinav Kulshreshtha

Try dual booting if you need to keep windows for some purpose. If you dont need windows for college or office or gaming, ditch it. Dual booting is a crutch that will hamper your linux journey. Honestly Linux is not hard. If you are absolute beginner, Try something that is more general user-centric, Like Solus (I installed it for my mom), or Manjaro Deepin (for arch based distro) or Elementary OS (For Ubuntu Based distro). These three system are such that one can choose to never need to touch command line at all. But since you are asking for programming, you should be ready to learn some commands. Invest in a good keyboard.

P.S. As a linux gamer, Pop_OS (Ubuntu based distro) is amazing at game compatibility. I personally use Manjaro or Solus for playing games. Ubuntu, elementary, fedora has always given me trouble playing AAA game.

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Mahmoud Alaraby Author

Thank you I will try my best ❤