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Abhishek Prajapati
Abhishek Prajapati

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Who Am I ?

Hi Dev Family,

I am Abhishek Prajapati, a front-end developer living in Delhi, India. I create user interfaces mostly with core technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and Bootstrap.

On Earth

I was born on July 1st, 2002. My home town is Azamgarh, a small city in Uttar Pradesh, India. My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife.


My primary schooling was in a local school. I studied from 1st standard to 6th standard there. After that, I went to the city and studied 7th and 8th standards. High school was completed in my hometown. After that, I went to Ghaziabad, a city in Uttar Pradesh to complete my Diploma in Information Technology in 2018. I completed my Diploma in 3 years, the duration.


I have too many hobbies that I love to spend time on. One of them is sketching. I make pencil sketches like portraits, 3D Letters, etc. I have a dedicated Facebook page to showcase my work. You can check it out here.

I also like listening to and singing songs, watching movies, reading novels, learning technology, etc.

Find Me

If you want to talk me. Here are my online presence.

GitHub, Linkedin, Portfolio, Medium

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