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12 Unique Python Project Ideas for Your Resume

There are two ways to get a decent job in IT:

  1. With a certificate
  2. With knowledge and the projects you have built

In my opinion, projects speak louder than certificates. In this article, we are going to see 12 Python project ideas for your resume. Every idea is from a different domain and contains some information about the different projects you can build in it.

First, remember one thing:
“A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.” — Scott Allen

1. Desktop Assistant

A desktop assistant can be a good project for your resume. It shows the interviewer how wise you are. You know how to use resources and make something good with them.
You don’t have to be very technical or an advanced Python developer to create one. It can be created with just the help of a few different Python packages.
There are many available in Python that you can use, like Pyttsx3 for reading text, os for adding facilities like playing music or starting an application, Wikipedia for finding answers on the web, and more. Keep one thing in mind: Every package you use must provide a feature to your assistant.
You can even make your assistant more advanced by adding web scraping and automation facilities. Write a script that can scrape Google Search results. You can add this to your script to make it look more advanced.
This project has no end to it. The more features you add, the more professional and useful it becomes.
To get some insight into how all this will work, check out this article.

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Believe Me You Will Not Regret It.

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