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Discussion on: Why Everyone Is Fighting About CSS/UX and JS

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abe caymo

soo, this is a thing, huh.

quite depressing to read for someone new to web development,

got me thinking if this will be an 'atmosphere' to expect if i ever do get a job someday

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Fred Ross

It's not really the atmosphere. The degree of certainty and ideology on debates like this correlates with the inexperience of the developer. In a healthy engineering culture, a senior engineer responds to blanket assertions like this with, "That's an interesting idea. What about X?" where X is some scenario where it makes no sense, and successively leads them Socratically to a deeper understanding.

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Uli Troyo Author

I guess it bears to point out that whatever people are fighting about on Twitter and in blogs doesn’t necessarily map 1-to-1 with the real world, thankfully. On the web, we let our interests and outlooks get loud, but in the real world, we’re generally nicer to each other. I’ve yet to be verbally assaulted irl for any of the things he I get yelled at in comment sections! :)

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John Harding

Don't worry. It's not all like this. You don't have to engage nor take sides.