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Discussion on: How do you take notes while you code?

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Would you happen to know the difference between Obsidian and Evernote?

Im just starting to take notes but insured about what tool is best.


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Hi, sorry for the late reply!

I actually decided on Obsidian as a replacement for Evernote :surprised: I used Evernote a lot to take notes, I really liked the editor and the notebook organization they have going on but the discoverability of whatever I wrote down wasn't as good, or at least I wasn't really good at it. I also didn't like how it was a web app that would limit the access to my notes unless I paid (or logged out constantly and I'm more of a remember me type of gal). I don't have that trouble with Obsidian because my notes belong to me and are in my computer (I should link it to a git repo though, but for now it's fine), I pay for the sync between my phone and computer and that's it. I don't depend on a 3rd party in this case!

Also, Obsidian has a really nice, supportive and helpful community! I really suggest looking for beginner resources because when you open Obsidian for the first time you'll feel like looking at a blank paper! so many possibilities xD

But, the only way to find out if a platform is for you is to test it out! that's how I know if something works or not for me c: