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5 Reasons why I think Swift is a perfect language to learn for beginners

I have started learning Swift about 2 months ago to learn iOS development and so far the journey has been very fruitful. In this blog I want to give you 5 reason why I think if you beginning your programming journey that Swift is the perfect language for beginners

  • Swift is a very clean and concise language:

The syntax of the language is very short therefore it allows you to write clean and readable code. This is one of the biggest reasons why people love programming in the Swift Language

  • Swift is the Future of Apple

Ever since Swift was announced at WWDC 2014, Apple is full steam ahead with Swift. It has and will continue to rapidly grow. Swift is used to develop iOS and Mac apps but it's also has been expanded to create tvOS, MacOS and watchOS with their newest framework SwiftUI.

  • Swift is Open Source

One of my favorite reasons why I love Swift is because its open source. There are many other languages out there that are also open source but it amazing to see Apple make the language available for the community. You can submit bug fixes and feature enhancements for the language.

  • Swift is Safe and Secure

Swift offer memory management (Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). What it does is it tracks and manages your app's memory usage.

  • Swift is in-Demand

Swift remains a very in-demand skills for mobile app developers. If your looking to break into app development and like apple products then swift might be your answer

Resources to learn Swift?

Check out the list of resources here that I recommend you try if you want to learn Swift and iOS development

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Silvia España Gil

Love reading about Swift! Keep them post coming