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Abdur Rehman Khalid
Abdur Rehman Khalid

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What Front-End or Back-End Framework Should I Learn Next?

Being a Final Year Student, I have Worked on Java Spring MVC and Angular 6, as My Final Year Project was Built in these Technologies. I also have worked with Spring Boot and React as well.

Now as This Lock-Down is Not Going to Left for Next Couple of Months in My Country I need some suggestions from seniors in this matter that what Front-End or Back-End Framework I should learn next.

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Gleb Irovich

Hey there. Seems you have tried 2 of the most popular once πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€ So only the Vue is left.

But frankly speaking, I don’t think the number of learned frameworks makes you a good dev, but rather a good understanding of the, which company is currently using. So if I were you, I would spend some time to deepen you knowledge.

If you are looking for a new challenge however, you might want to have a look at Scala.
Good luck !

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Daniel Starner

So after ~5-6 years of trying out many of the popular / common frameworks, I've settled on a NextJS/ExpressJS/React/ stack for my front ends & web UIs, and Django for backends. Both just seem "streamlined" for the problems that they solve, and putting them together into a full web stack makes it even more powerful IMO.

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Nishant Mittal

I think you should go with Django next. Django is a really awesome backend framework being based on Python makes it even more awesome.

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NodeJS/GraphQL stack is where its at, definitely a change in pace but integrates well with React and Angular