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Abodunrin AbdulSalam
Abodunrin AbdulSalam

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My current situation

So I have been learning for a while now. I am having the feeling that I don't have a clear path. I feel I'm just learning stuffs randomly. It sounds disturbing. Analysing what I've learnt for the past few weeks, I remember I learnt about Github and user workflow, learnt bootstrap to some reasonable extent. I also learn how to make some nice scrolling effect on a page using scrollreveal.js library. I'm feeling it's not enough. I really want to learn more JavaScript. It's all I want to be doing now. I'm feeling some imposter syndrome. Everyone seems better than me. Everyone around is doing something and showcasing it. And here I am, just coding stuffs for 'coding purpose'. I don't know what to do. I want to learn JavaScript! And I don't know what to do. This is why I'm writing this. I want to discover and solve my problem.

Additionally,I have an udemy course I'm also taking. Just watching the videos and coding along. It's helping I'm learning.

So I wish I finish it too. So my problems now are:

  1. I want to learn JavaScript.

  2. I want to finish the udemy course on advanced CSS.

  3. Additionally,I love to stay in the internship. Hng internship.

  4. I want to learn about blade templating.

So how do I go about all these?

Let's keep that for the other time. At Least, my head is clear now!

Happy coding 🤗🤗

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perpetual . education

You should check out this book: Exercises for Programmers. Video about that here. If you follow along with that / and you just work with the MDN docs, you'll really cement those concepts and start moving quickly. Skip the udemy course? Skip bootstrap. CSS is the best in 2020. Just learning it properly will be much easier and will last longer than learning an extra metalanguage on top of it. Get in the CSS discord for help there - and blade / or whatever templating isn't so different than PHP or handlebars or the native string stuff - so, maybe leave that one out until you need it? After you've finished that book / then try and do all of the exercises with Vue. You can do it! : )

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Abodunrin AbdulSalam Author

Thanks so much!

I will definitely check the book out.