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Abodunrin AbdulSalam
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How I motivates myself to code more.

When coding, staying motivated is sometime a big thing. It might be challenging. I do get tired sometimes when I'm coding. I feel like quitting and finding other things to do.

Then I took a bold step of analysing what the problem is. I wrote a post about it. It's one of the best decision I made. It was my first post.

I discovered I have been forcing myself to code stuff I don't really love doing. It was actually as a result of having a wrong mindset. I was feeling my learning or what I code is a competition I'm having with others. Which is wrong.

After publishing the post, I was able to filter out what I love doing. I started doing it and everything changed. Each morning, I look forward to sit in front of the screen and code the entire day. I enjoy writing more JavaScript.

I do get stuck, it's a little bit frustrating but also interesting. The feeling when I got stuck is one thing I love. I found myself thinking about the problem and how to solve it which in turn increase my problem solving skills.

Discover what you love doing and take your time to learn and grow in your own way.

Thanks for reading!

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