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Abdulrahman Mohammed Ismael
Abdulrahman Mohammed Ismael

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Netlify vs Vercel vs Surge | The best platform I use to deploy your projects 🤔?!

One of the most important steps that should be considered when building Web projects is deploying your project so that anyone can see your work and try the project and its Features live as reading your code is not enough!

there are several ways and websites used to do this but in this article, I'll mention the most ones I use and I prefer.

But the most ways I follow for deploying my projects are :

  1. Vercel
  2. Netlify
  3. Surge

These three tools are Great and too helpful and each one has its advantages and disadvantages :

  • Netlify was the first one I used and it was a great experience to use it until I found out a big issue faced me, a lot of times the website is down and the server fails and which causes disturbance for most of the users so most of them are no longer use it.

  • Vercel was my second choice after I left using Netlify, and I still use it and deploy my projects through it, the website is always running and the Netlify issue is no longer facing me so for sure I recommend using it, easy and soft use with no issues and fails…

  • the third choice is the easiest one but with less features, it is using Surge Tool, this time it is not a website, just a few cmd commands will do it for you
$ npm install --global surge
# In your project directory, just run…
$ surg
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….Now for me, I recommend using Vercel, and if not then Surge will be your fastest choice, always make Netlify your last choice

One last thing, as I mentioned before I know, there are a lot of websites to deploy web projects But here I mentioned my experience of using those websites…. Thanks and Happy Projects 😁❤️

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Howie Ross

You should check out Edgio Sites:

It's like netlify and vercel but includes full cdn control, enterprise grade security and a generous free tier