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Reverse String Without Changing Place of Special Characters

Hi Programmer,

Today we are going to solve a string problem in python. Here you will get a string containing numbers and some special characters. We have to reverse this string without changing the place of the special characters.

*Input: * "123$456%789*0^"

*Output: * "098$765%432*1^"

So let's start our coding

Solution: 1

seq = "123$456%789*0^"
output = "098$765%432*1^"

chars = ['$', '%', '*', '#', '^']
nums = []

for i in range(len(seq)):
    if seq[i] not in chars:


for j in seq:
    if j in chars:
        idx = seq.index(j)
        nums.insert(idx, j)

reverse = "".join(nums)


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Solution: 2

ip_str = "123$456%789*0^"

rev_str = reversed(ip_str)
op_str  = ""
for value in ip_str:
  if value.isdigit():
    for rev_val in rev_str:
      if rev_val.isdigit():
        op_str += rev_val
    op_str += value
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Here there were two types we can solve this problem. There can be more type also if you find anything, let's discuss in the room.

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