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That Time I Installed Linux (Again) 🐧

Picture this: I just finished a quiz for my super cool Computer Systems Architecture class (which I somehow didn't fail), and I found myself with a free hour. Most people would grab a coffee or scroll through memes, but not me. I decided to install Ubuntu for the 11th time. Why? Maybe for the thrill, or maybe to see if it would finally stick this time. I set up Kubuntu (Ubuntu + KDE) to work alongside Windows, just for fun.

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Why Linux Again?

I wasn't planning to ditch Windows completely. I was just curious. But before I knew it, I was putting all these funny-sounding tools on my computer, like oh-my-zsh, Kitty, and Neovim, hoping they'd make coding more fun. I even installed Nvidia drivers, thinking I might play games on Linux. But the only game I opened was Minecraft. Oops!


I made my Linux look like a Mac because if you can't have a Mac, why not pretend, right? Turns out, this made using Linux way better. Three months later, I actually liked Linux more than Windows for getting stuff done. Windows just felt too bloated and annoying with all its updates and pop-ups.

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Why Kubuntu?

Before picking Kubuntu, I tried Ubuntu, Debian, and even Kali Linux when I was doing CTF (Capture the Flag). Here's what happened:

  • Ubuntu: Lots of people like it, but GNOME (the desktop UI environment thing) was so slow on my computer. Not a good match, and to be honest normal Ubuntu felt bloated it was just like Windows but with more customisation and UNIX based

  • Debian: I thought I'd like it since Kali is based on it. Nope, it felt too different from what I was used to.

  • Kali Linux: Great for penetration-testing, not so much for everyday stuff.

I almost tried Linux Mint because people say it's easy to use, but I didn't. In the end, I chose Kubuntu because of KDE Plasma. It looked good and worked well. After tweaking it, it felt just right.

Why Dual-Boot is Smart

At first, dual-booting sounded scary (GRUB Boot Loader isn't fun when it breaks), but it was actually a genius idea. Cal Newport's book (not sponsored, just a fan) talks about making separate spaces for deep work. So I made Windows for gaming with friends and Linux for serious coding. This helped me keep fun and work apart but easy to get to.


Linux Problems

Switching to Linux wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Like on April 19, when my computer wouldn't start because of a GPU driver problem. Fixing it took four hours and was a pain, but also kind of fun. It was way more hands-on than fixing issues on Windows, where I often felt stuck waiting for updates.

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Will I Keep Using Linux?

After three months, the answer is a big YES! But I'm not ready to say bye to Windows yet. It's still the best for gaming and some apps that Linux doesn't have. For now, I'm happy with Windows for fun and Linux for work & productivity.

Should You Try Linux?

If you're not a developer, probably not. If you don't want to spend time on tech forums or using the command line, Linux might just make you want to pull your hair out. It's not for the easily frustrated or impatient. If you want something that just works out of the box, maybe get a Mac instead.

Disclaimer: This is all just my personal experience and thoughts. It's not technical advice, just me sharing my computer adventures!

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