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for some reason Google decided that this crap is worth reading. i am on moboli so I won't bother to search for stats, but man you have no clue....

Angular JS is still considered as developer’s first choice for a heavy volume of developers worldwide which is why it is one of the top JavaScript frameworks for 2019

what is this supposed to mean? it is top because it is considered? by a heavy volume?

Knowledge of MVC

is a drawback of angular? lmao

learn to code


"Knowledge of MVC - is a drawback of angular? learn to code"
Extensive knowledge of MVC architecture has nothing to do with ability to code. You need to work on some other framework like Vue to understand the difference between the 2 and why so many devs are dumping angular and migrating to Vue and React. One of the reasons why Angular is way more complex and difficult to learn than Vue is because it forces you to write the complete M-V-C layer for front end Too much modularity leads to a lot of moving parts of code. VueJS wraps the controller part internally (you don't need to write it yourself). You can just focuses on View part only. All you need is 1 component class for an entity that stores its data and you can write methods on that. Vue has a fractional code footprint than angular to achieve the same task.

"what is this supposed to mean? it is top because it is considered? by a heavy volume?"
I checked similartech stats. 350k-500k websites are currently using Angular. A figure only matched by React. One of the biggest criticisms of Vue is that its community is still small and as a result resources are milited compared to angular. One of the reason Meteor which used to be my favourite before i moved to Vue could never find popularity and is slowly dying out is because it doesn't have a significant community behind it. But angular has been around for 10 damn years and has been widely adopted worldwide and is still leading React in Europe, Russia India etc. Maybe you aren't aware but Angular is leading in Top 10K Sites, Top 100K Sites and Top 1M Sites as per similartech stats that this guy mentioned in the article.

There are dozens of JavaScript frameworks available to choose from, but what determines a framework's longevity more than its own merit is its acceptance in the dev community. This is why angular has managed to survive for so long. Thousands of companies are still using the outdated AngularJS to this date(go and check job listings for AngularJS in US or Uk or India) even after 10 years because it was adopted by such a high volume of users over the years who still haven't migrated to Angular 2+.

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