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I am not an imposter

As someone who has grown up with coding being something only the nerdy boys did at school, it has taken me over a decade to start to feel like I can be a coder too.

I missed the opportunity to learn coding at school (apart from once programming a turtle robot to go left/right/up/down around the floor) and didn't give computer science a second thought as a university degree choice.

So the imposter syndrome is very real. Several years ago I was learning Python through programming a Raspberry Pi, and a developer colleague at work saw something I posted online about it. He started up a conversation about Raspberry Pi and I got all embarrassed and tried to make out like it wasn't a big deal. I still haven't had many real life conversations about programming as I'm too shy to admit that I'm really interested in learning more.

Communities like Dev are so valuable for people like me who feel like outsiders in the coding community. It's less intimidating when everyone is learning (even though I've realised that even experts are still learning too!)

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Raí B. Toffoletto

Technology is a life journey of learning! Never be ashamed of being learning something new or posting about it!! Thanks for sharing and the post 🎉