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I Created A Tool To Download All Images From A Webpage

I thought of a tool to download all images from specific webpage! Why not code a tool for that? Let's code it.

I choose Go as it is great for many reasons. I screen-casted it and uploaded the video to YouTube. It was fun to code such a simple tool in Go and have some practice in Go. I also published the code on Github. I am happy I could write this simple program in Go.

After publishing the video/code, someone suggest me to use xml parser instead of regular expressions. I searched on Google, Github, StackOverflow,,Quora and Medium to understand the difference and it is huge!

Using xml parser is more efficient for this purpose than the regex. As somebody said "if you have alternative to regular expressions, just use it".

I gain some more experience from coding, publishing, reading, and discussions on all platforms. It is a great community. Thank you all for the discussions and support.

Happy Coding!

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