Bootstrap-vue custom color variant

ab0nilla profile image Alejandro Bonilla ・1 min read

Hi Dev's, i'm new in Bootstrap-Vue.

How I can customize the navbar background and text colors?



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BootstrapVue uses Bootstrap V4.3's SCSS for styling and variants.

You can either custom theme Bootstrap V4.3's SCSS (via SCSS variables) to change the default colors for each variant, or you can create custom variants in CSS/SCSS.

Navbar's use the classes bg-<variant name> to define the background color.

You could create a class bg-foobar which has CSS background-color: #112233;.


I don't know if the solution I found is still valid because I'm not familiar with the library but it's usually a good strategy to peruse the issue tracker (especially the closed issues) of an open source project when the documentation falls short. Maybe this is what you're looking for github.com/bootstrap-vue/bootstrap...