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Aayushi Sharma

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Vim vs VsCode...

Which one will you prefer and Why?

Is Vim Better than VsCode? Afterall Microsoft investing a lot of money in VSCode.

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Both are good I believe.

VSCode has super powerful vim extension, giving you best of both the worlds.

Personally, I'm a beginner in VIM, just made the switch cuz I feel using mice and text editors limits ones productivity to an extent. To go beyond that one has to start using commands and all stuff.

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These are the two I use the most.

As there are Vim extensions for VS Code, I can not say that the big difference are modes.

Vim is sooo lightweight compared to VS Code... Can be obvious, but starting a full blown with any kind of plugins former and a clean latter is something to experience. A very strong point in VS Code favour is that helped Electron evolution. Some times, it is also refreshing to use a "normal" editor.

To be fair, I do not use either of them. Instead I prefer neovim and Code - OSS