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Become a Self-taught Developer

I got an opportunity to watch Traversy's Video on YouTube "Become a self-taught Developer". It is very helpful for me so I am sharing here the important contents he taught on the video.

  1. Pick up the End goal :- choose which area you want to grow, type of
    working environment you are looking for, what are you naturally good at and
    suitable type of Developer Jobs(based on security, pay scale)

  2. Choose a programming language:-
    Figure out which programming language you want to learn
    learn the fundamentals
    choose a Text editor or IDE you are comfortable with
    Remember you can always switch to/learn another language

  3. Find Resources and Build a curriculum:-
    You can choose any of the resources based on your learning method
    Books,Documentations, Resource websites,Video courses,online courses,
    and challenge websites.

  4. Find a community:-
    Find a mentor(If possible)
    Join an online community
    Start talking with other Developers

  5. Create your own project:-
    Start building something
    Use other people's code as reference
    Get some idea from other people's code

  6. create your own portfolio:-
    Show a live version of your project and Source code

  7. Contribute to open source:-
    Give your experience with real-life projects
    collaborate with other Developers
    learn and Use GitHub
    It may add value to your resume

  8. Create an online presence:-
    Maintain a Linkedin and Twitter Account
    Upload all of your works to GitHub and Keep it well documented
    Write Articles,Tutorials,Videos(Have your own blog, websites etc)

  9. Prepare & Apply to jobs:-
    All boxes should be checked before coming to this point
    Prepare for Interview, Create a Resume,Cover Letter
    Search for jobs in your area that you are looking for things you know
    Apply even if you don't have a degree
    Remember it is your first job not your last job.

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