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Aashish Panthi
Aashish Panthi

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Is Microsoft getting evil ?

I don't know how many of you are gonna agree with me. It's fine if you don't agree with what I say, leave your personal opinion in comment below and its time to discuss dear folks.

Miscrosoft is releasing differnt tools that are making lifes of developer slightly better, if not better. So, what are the tools ?

GitHub Copilot

I don't know where do you live if you haven't heard about GitHub copilot. It is your AI pair programmer(at least, that is what I saw on the homepage of it).

GitHub coplilot

I have tested this myself and it recommends pretty good suggests(most of the time). And it isn't still released to all.


Why GitHub is being so nice to all of us? We can create as many repositories in our GitHub, make them public or private. And that is all for free. And now we hear the news, the company is training copilot with the code available in public repositories. And we know what GitHub did with 'color' and 'faker' libraries. But I think GitHub is a really good product, what do think ?


Ok, this is fairly the new one (I heard a month ago) and most of you don't have any idea about what it is. Sketch2code converts your handsdrawn diagram into code (I am not saying that, Microsoft itself said that). But I have tested it and all I was left with is "what!". I mean how microsoft misebrely failed to convert my drawing into code. But it worked perfectly fine with the example provided in the website itself.

Feel free to leave your own opinion.....

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lohithgn profile image

How releasing tools that help developers makes one Evil????

Don't understand the point of discussion....

aashishpanthi profile image
Aashish Panthi

They are helping us now but the question is will they ? in a long run

lohithgn profile image
Lohith • Edited

"Will they in a long run" - that's really baseless to term somebody evil just because you think that something that is helping you today will be a question mark in future ??? To me looks like your title is a click bait to attract people by calling Microsoft as evil. This is baseless.

Please be careful with your wordings especially on social platforms like this.

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Subramanya Chakravarthy

Google and Microsoft are already evil.
They sugar coat stuff, so many users don't understand. It's better to avoid both of them as much as we can

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Senthil Muthuvel

But you didn't explain how are they Evil.

Google I understand with all the tracking.

But Microsoft ?

P.S. I work at Microsoft. But I am open for getting your thoughts on it.

chakrihacker profile image
Subramanya Chakravarthy • Edited

Hey, it's good to get a reply from ms team.
I appreciate it.
Microsoft is no way less than Google on trackers for windows or edge. Edge has double trackers compared to chrome (analytics).
Also, Microsoft could have refused manifest v3 which hinders user privacy.

neoprint3d profile image
Drew Ronsman

GitHub copilot is so nice for thing that you otherwise would have to search up on stack overflow or YouTube