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Three months with M1 Macbook Air as a mobile developer

aasharwahla profile image AasharWahla ・1 min read

Being a flutter developer almost for three years, I always had to use virtual machines on my windows laptop to test and run flutter applications on ios device. It was always a terrible experience. It took so much time that sometimes I had to leave it for compiling for more than 15 minutes for a simple app.
But then in November, 2020 Apple released their new MacBooks with an M1 chip.
Initially, I was very skeptical about the real-life performance of the M1 chip, so I waited for around 2 weeks to check some reviews on YouTube and from the Flutter community.
After waiting for two weeks I pushed the trigger and bought the M1 MacBook Air 512GB, and I will call this the best investment in my mobile app development journey.
The battery timing is awesome 8 hrs+ easily, and the performance is through the roof. The 2019 or early 2020 MacBooks are almost useless for development purposes but M1 MacBooks are the gamechanger.
Till now I have developed more than 10 apps using this mac and my experience is awesome. If someone will ask me about the recommendation before getting a new laptop without any doubt I will recommend MacBook Air - M1 without any hesitations.

You can find me on GitHub @ AasharWahla
and on LinkedIn @ AasharWahla

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Are you using Flutter for developing the Android apps? Also what development enviroment you are using (ie. Android studio or something else) and when you are testing your code are you using android emulator or real device?

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AasharWahla Author • Edited

I am using flutter for both android and ios development. I work on production code for clients and my own projects. I use flutter with VSCode and use Andriod Emulator / iOS Simulator to test my code.
I also occasionally use my android device to test the code.

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Gustavo Herrera

How memory ram?

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little late to the party but have you run into any issues with 8gb of ram slowing down your workflow?

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AasharWahla Author

nah, its working extremely well.

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Alwi Muhammad

Hi, do you facing any swap memory problems? and how about the thermal? I am planning on buy m1 macbook air too, since the pro model cost more. Thanks