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How I got my first Flutter freelance job?

aasharwahla profile image AasharWahla ・2 min read

After self-learning flutter for over six months, I thought about monetizing my skill. But I was a little confused. How to monetize it? Where to provide my services?

But after a week or two of thinking, I made my gig on Fiverr. And after creating my first flutter gig, I got my first 1000$ order. At least that's what I wish would have happened. Undoubtedly, that was not the case.

After creating my gig, I waited, waited, and waited. After 20 days, I did not get any orders and was very disappointed. I started doubting my skills. But after watching a ton of videos on youtube on how to make a perfect Fiverr gig, I updated the gig and got my first 500$ order. But again, that was not the case. I did not have any reviews on my profile, so I had to something to get reviews. So I took my brother's laptop, navigated to the Fiverr website, and placed my first order. After completing the order, I got 5-star reviews 😅 through my hard work.

After this, I got my first order for 250$.

But again, that was not the case. I had to wait for around 5-8 days that I got my first order. And it was drum-roll 50$ 😅. Maybe not what you were expecting after reading through 200 words, but this is the reality. It may seem insignificant to me now, but when I got my first order it was a wave of happiness.

And that is the story of my first freelance order.

If you have any interesting stories, feel free to share them.

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