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The Top 7 Modpacks to Install on Your Minecraft Server

Minecraft isn’t just a video game that people like—it’s one of the best-selling games of all time. A reason behind this game’s popularity is its versatility. Minecraft players can build worlds of their own while also playing creations from other users. Plus, being available on consoles and computers, it’s a game many people play with friends.

The best way to fine-tune your Minecraft gaming experience to perfection is with mods. Instead of manually managing a collection of separate mods, modpacks bundle separate mods together. But what are the best Minecraft mods in 2024? Find out as we show you the top modpacks to install on your Minecraft server.

1. All The Mods
It’s understandable to want to get right into enjoying Minecraft. If that’s the case, All the Mods could be an ideal Minecraft modpack for you. Now in its ninth iteration, All the Mods 9 contains over 400 mods that provide numerous quests and adds an all-new endgame to Minecraft!

You can craft powerful and useful items to take on the legendary Gregstar, one of the biggest challenges within the Minecraft modding community. Many players agree that All the Mods 9 is more challenging than this modpack’s previous versions. If you want to test your Minecraft skills, consider downloading All the Mods 9.

2. Better Minecraft
Many popular modpacks aim to improve a game’s overall experience for players, including Better Minecraft. This Minecraft modpack contains 250 mods that provide visual, gameplay, and story improvements to this game.

Better Minecraft adds over 100 brand-new quests, making it perfect for gamers ready to put more hours into this amazing game. Additionally, you’ll notice this modpack completely overhauls Minecraft’s world generation capabilities. It even features rideable dragons.

3. Shattered Ring
One of the most popular gaming franchises of the past decade was Elden Ring. This popular action RPG lets gamers explore a dark world filled with challenging creatures and engrossing environments. By downloading a Minecraft modpack called Shattered Ring, you can bring the world of Elden Ring into Minecraft.

Shattered Ring adds all-new foes while altering Minecraft’s combat system for an experience you must play to believe. This modpack also includes plenty of new loot to keep you and your team of warriors entertained and enthralled. Minecraft players often note this modpack’s difficulty, meaning it could be helpful to enjoy this modpack with your friends.

4. Vault Hunters
The worlds of Minecraft and Borderlands crossing isn’t a new thing. However, one modpack called Vault Hunters puts a new spin on having these two gaming giants cross paths. In Vault Hunters, Minecraft users can now explore new worlds to potentially unearth incredible treasures.

This Minecraft modpack features a world and enemies that level up as you do. The result is a gaming experience that’s both rewarding and challenging. Get ready to explore all-new worlds, defeat enemies, and craft superior Vault Gear in this modpack.

Download Vault Hunters to find out if you and your gang of treasure hunters are ready to find all 25 treasures in this amazing challenge.

5. Pixelmon
One of the few franchises with more worldwide notoriety than Minecraft is Pokemon. A Minecraft mod pack called Pixelmon combines these two incredible worlds. Pixelmon adds new items such as iconic Poke Balls and Bauxite Ore. This modpack also contains the popular Biomes O’Plenty mod, which offers over 75 new biomes in its latest release.

After loading Pixelmon, you and your friends can find, capture, and collect a variety of actual Pokemon characters. This modpack additionally lets you train and battle with other Pokemon. Pixelmon also gives players the chance to battle Pokemon bosses and mega-evolved Pokemon.

Download this modpack for an incredible time. Adding this mod lets you and your track down and catch a vast range of Pokemon characters.

6. Minecraft Eternal (MC Eternal)
Vanilla Minecraft is great for people getting their feet wet with this game. However, after enough time passes, most Minecraft players want to get more from this game with Minecraft server hosting and modpacks. Another popular modpack for gamers from all walks of life is Minecraft Eternal.

Minecraft Eternal adds over 750 new quests, which is perfect for anyone looking for new things to do in Minecraft. Another reason to download this mod is its awe-inspiring number of construction materials. You and your Minecraft group can use these materials to build everything from simple tools to complex automated factories.

7. RLCraft
RLCraft is a Minecraft modpack that cranks up the realism dial. This modpack brings to life a more realistic version of Minecraft through its visual and gameplay-related updates. RLCraft also increases the overall difficulty of this game, ensuring even the most experienced gamers feel challenged by this modpack.

Add modpacks to your Minecraft server to explore new worlds, battle challenging bosses, and much more. Whether you want more of a challenge, new worlds to explore, or additional items, there are Minecraft modpacks meant for any gamer. After installing the previously mentioned modpacks, you and your gaming buddies can enjoy Minecraft in ways no one thought was possible.

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