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What have I been doing this week? 8/3-7

Last week I was away visiting family, so I was not coding too much. I did finish up the section on Basic Data Structures for freeCodeCamp's JavaScript course, which was a review of arrays and objects and some basic methods to work through data. I found it to be a review of things previously covered, but it was fun to review! The more I review these topics, the easier they become.

I've developed a habit of getting up early, grabbing some coffee, and getting online to practice code by 7am (and reading programming news usually between 6:30-7am). As a morning person, I'm the sharpest as the sun is coming up. I took this idea from a friend at work, who I greatly look up to. He gets up and works on his side business from 6-9am before work, and while I do not do three full hours each morning of coding, I do try to make sure I'm putting in at least an hour each morning.

This week, I split time between three things: 1. continuing on freeCodeCamp's JavaScript course (Algorithms), solving a few easy problems on CodeWars, and starting the prep course for Hack Reactor. The prep course is merely for fun right now, however it's neat to see what they require of applicants. What was encouraging is that I was able to solve all 18 "basic" test questions in about 35 minutes. It was an affirmation that I actually have learned a few things in the past few months.

The freeCodeCamp's basic algorithm section is a challenge. Each exercise is a basic question which asks you to do something to a piece of code (an object or an array for example) and return a result. It's very similar to some of the problems on CodeWars. There are 16 total problems and I have completed three so far. These are probably best for a weekend of work instead of early morning coding during the week. I don't know how to do some of them, however Google and Stack Overflow have been helpful.

Although I haven't done much with it yet, I am working to update the code behind my Dice Roller application. Thanks to some church friends and friends online, I have received some great feedback on my code and how I can clean it up. Plus I'd like to make the page itself look nicer.

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