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The Odin Project – 2 weeks in

For the past two weeks, I have been learning through The Odin Project starting with their foundations course. I already know the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, however I figure it is good to review it from time to time.

After the first week actually, I had finished the HTML/CSS portions, mainly since I had just recently completed freeCodeCamp’s HTML/CSS course (again, for review), and had started the JavaScript portion of Foundations. At that moment, The Odin Project released a slew of new content for HTML/CSS and advised that it would be good to go back and complete the new exercises. Needless to say, the JavaScript portion has been put on hold until I finish the review.

The new HTML/CSS content for The Odin Project is really good, and I’m glad I’m going back through it. While it has separated itself more from freeCodeCamp, I find these new exercises and links are just as good at teaching HTML and CSS. What’s more, the new projects have made me practice the Git lessons I had learned previously – where the old lessons using freeCodeCamp didn’t require Git. If you want to feel awesome while creating a basic recipe site by using VS Code, the terminal, and Git, the new content covers it!

I do find that I don’t use The Odin Project’s discord channel very often, and in fact I muted the notifications. There is no shortage of activity on the discord channel, however I feel like it’s over-crowded at this point. I try to jump on there a few times a week to review someone else’s HTML project or post something I’ve done, however it’s very crowded and digitally “loud.” It is good when you want code reviews or troubleshooting, since you are almost guaranteed to get someone quickly if you post in the correct channel. But if you are looking for a community to meet people and develop relationships, I feel like this discord server is too big at this point. I have found another smaller community on Discord to interact with more.

This week I plan to speed up a bit and finish out the CSS portions of the lessons so I can properly get to the JS section and finish Foundations. I’m shooting to finish Foundations by Thanksgiving, then get to the Ruby/Rails/JS track. I’ve been taking some notes on CSS tricks I hadn’t learned previously on fCC, and I’m curious to see how the Grid and Flexbox lessons compare to freeCodeCamp’s.

I’d love to hear about what you’re learning this week – feel free to comment below with your focus!

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