First Profile Site

aaronmccollum profile image Aaron McCollum ・1 min read

Today I finished a profile site for myself. This was the final project for freeCodeCamp's Responsive Web Design course, and I hope to use this site moving forward (and update it with better features).

Link: My Site

What are things I could improve?
What are things I can add or remove?

This week, I'll be working on a media query for mobile phones.

Open to your thoughts!

Cheers y'all.


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Thanks! I think I set it to 1024px. What do you recommend?


Or did you mean the page itself needs to be wider on mobile?


Yes, currently margin-left and right is 15%. It can easily be 0 on mobile, but 15% on desktop.

You might use media-query.

Do you know that you can preview mobile-like on Chrome DevTools as well?

I didn't know you could preview it there! I have been using Codepen to do previewing and adjusting the browser size to watch media query changes happen. I've been learning Chrome DevTools through my JavaScript class (separate from FCC) but have only used the console so far.