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IST 256 Project 2: Scoping

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We will be building a 'badges' dashboard with a high level search.

For this project, we plan to keep the naming convention to be fairly generalized. We haven't yet decided on a concrete project title, but we considered the following: Badge Card and Course Card.

For the badge:

The general plan so far is to have at least three properties. We will have a title property, description property and a creator property. The icon is most likely going to be an element. The badge itself will be its own imported element, so we will dedicate an entire js file just for the badge creation.

For the search bar:
The backend should store the information or data of the individual badge card components such as the title, name, category, etc, making the search possible, this is the information we will need from the backend. (

More information will be out soon as soon as my partner and I begin working and envisioning our Project 2. Specifically the second blog post of this series should contain more information regarding the process overall.

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