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May -June Content Update - Building Full Stack Web and Mobile App Solutions

Welcome Everyone,

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter for technical content I create on my Youtube Channel. Over the last two months, I've covered a range of topics including React NativeIonic FrameworkFirebase VueJS,

I've also explored some new tools and libraries.

  • Expo Router v2 Expo Router is a file-based router for React Native and web applications. It allows you to manage navigation between screens in your app, allowing users to move seamlessly between different parts of your app's UI, using the same components on multiple platforms (Android, iOS, and web).
  • Appwrite is a backend platform for developing Web, Mobile, and Flutter applications. Built with the open source community and optimized for a developer experience in the coding languages you
  • Capacitor Community SQLite Plugin for Native and Electron SQLite Databases. - In Native, databases could be encrypted with SQLCipher - In Electron, databases could be encrypted with better-sqlite3-multiple-ciphers
  • Capacitor Google Maps Plugin - The Google Maps Capacitor plugin ships with a web component that must be used to render the map in your application as it enables us to embed the native view more effectively on iOS. The plugin will automatically register this web component for use in your application.
  • Konsta UI - Pixel perfect mobile UI components built with Tailwind CSSWith iOS and Material Design components forReact, Vue & Svelte

My content is based on the tools I use with my clients at Clearly Innovative Inc, a software development firm I've been running for over 15 years. We focus on web and mobile development solutions for startups, small to medium-sized businesses, and non-profits.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions for content, some of the videos below are from subscribers who suggested it

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Looking to make more progress with leveraging technology to grow and scale your business…

With over 15 years of experience in delivering technology solutions, Clearly Innovative Inc works as a trusted technical advisor to our clients and assists them with the development of their business solutions and products using innovative technologies to build web & mobile solutions.

Over the last few months, we have been working with large non-profits and service businesses to develop mobile delivery products and solutions targeting state and local governments.

Please contact us at for a 30-minute free consult to see how we can help you tech-enable your business.

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joevaugh4n profile image

Fantastic work, Aaron! 👏 I'm one of the Storybook maintainers and I just spotted your round-up!

aaronksaunders profile image
Aaron K Saunders

thanks for coming through... i am about to dig into storybook with react native expo next

joevaugh4n profile image

Hey Aaron! I'm so sorry for the slow reply, I hadn't been on Dev.To in a lil while. That's really cool to hear! If you created the content for Storybook with React Native Expo, please let me know the link? Would love to see!