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Ionic VueJS SplitView SideMenu Vuex Auth Flow Starter Template with Video

Aaron K Saunders
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IonicFramework VueJS SplitView SideMenu Vuex Auth Flow Starter Template with Video

  • That's a long title but there is a lot going on here.


Source code provides and fully commented starter template for creating solutions based on this starter template. There is minimal use of typescript and we are using the older vue2 style options API instead of the newer vue3 composition API using the setup method in the components.

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What You Are Getting

The video and source code includes the following to get you started with a good base

  • Template in Vue2 style meaning no setup function
  • limited typescript, I just use any everywhere to keep. it simple
  • And comments!!, I tried to comment on every file and everything that looked like it might not be straightforward
  • Added Authentication using vuex for state management, added a module so I could explain namespace in vuex

Previous Content

The older video covered the same material but in the earlier beta version of Ionic VueJS Components. This might be a reference for folks still on Vue2


Ionic Documentation

Vuex Documentation

Source Code

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