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Aaron Johnson
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Why my posts are the way they are .

Background Information about me :

So if y’all were wondering , I am a grade 12 student who’s interested in programming . I find ML and Cybersecurity interesting and am hoping to get into these fields after college . I love talking about things I find interesting and I also like the concept of open source .

About my posts :

As a student who’s new to programming , I know for a fact that I am not qualified to teach others as I do not have enough knowledge to teach . So this brings me to the topic of my posts . As mentioned above , I love talking about things I find interesting , if you have seen any of my other posts , I’ve spoken about Pi network , general advice , ubuntu and a bit about open source . Though this may not help anyone in particular , I find it interesting so I want to share it to people . I’ve had over 800 views on my posts till date and I have 3 reactions per post . I know it may be that reactions isn’t proportional to the amount of people who find it interesting but as a student I’ve always had the thing that the more the reactions , the more people who liked it .

So what I want to say is that , if you’re new here and you don’t get enough reactions , don’t let that get to you , if you like something , share it , talk about the things you like . You do You .

If you’ve reached out so far , thank you . Hope you’re doing good and I hope this post makes sense , do not know whether or not to make this a temporary post but if you’re new person , keep sharing things you find interesting don’t hold back . As long as you’re happy that’s all that matters . Cheers

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