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Self-Care During the Pandemic


The Coivd-19 Pandemic has not been great for many people both physically and mentally (myself included). I am optimistic about the situation and I hope things get better. I know for a fact that people may be more hygienic after this. Many countries and states have declared new curfews and lockdowns due to the increase in cases. So I have created this as a way of trying to help you take care of yourself during the lockdown.


I understand that the news is important but I would suggest that you don’t pay attention to the news but if you do want to, see your local news and updates of the covid situation in your area. If you want to read the news, preferably read the news of the fields you are interested in, ex: Technology, Astrology, etc preferably topics that do not contain negative content or watch some stand-up content or comedy movies. The reason I made this point is that exposing yourself to negative news will subconsciously start to slowly affect your mental health, it may not be an instant effect, it will be after a while.


If you’re a busy student or a professional, you should always keep at least 30 mins a day to do something you love, may that be, reading a book, watching standup, playing an instrument, playing games, etc. I felt that doing something I love for 30 mins a day made me feel better and more energetic and made it much easier to do the work I have for the day.


If you feel that your days are just repetitive, change it up a bit, maybe wake up a bit earlier than you used to, or do meditation just after you wake up, etc. I felt that changing my routines helps differentiate each day even if it’s by these small acts. It may not seem like a great thing to change but it will be a difference even if it’s decorating your room. See what suits you, try things out. Try out new skills too, if that’s drawing, singing, playing an instrument, designing, etc, you may discover new things about yourself.


Being home alone isn’t fun but it doesn’t mean, you’re alone, thanks to the people providing us with internet and cell services, we can talk to people even if it’s for 30 mins, a short conversation a day will make a lot of difference. Another way of contacting people across the world without providing any personal information about yourself are apps like Discord ( available on App Store and the Play Store) and Slowly ( available App store and the Play Store ), etc which allows you to connect to other people and you may make new friends. ( To discover Discord servers you can search here and type the type of server you’re looking for, ex: studying, debating, gaming, etc and then choose the server you want to join ) , (Slowly is an online mail messaging app where you write ‘letters’ to users and the time it takes your letter to reach your user depends on their geographical location so the time of arrival of messages varies from 30mins to 26hrs for me at the moment).


I cannot stress enough how Sleep is very important. You should have at least 8hrs of sleep and if you have to have less than it due to work, etc, have a compulsory 30mins or two 15min rest during your day. Sleep helps to rejuvenate your energy and helps to clear your mind.


If you ever feel depressed or very anxious, talk with your friends but always if you feel the need to, talk to a counselor or call your local helplines in the end counselors are trained people who do know how to help you and they will never tell anybody the content of your conversations and you can also tell them to not tell anybody that you’re visiting them (if you feel the need to ) and trust me talking to professionals will help you out. You don’t have to only message them if you’re depressed or anxious, you can talk with them even if it’s for the small things like, having a bad day or don’t know why you’re lethargic or just want to vent out, etc. Never hold your emotions inside find an outlet for it, even if that’s converting your emotions into poems or stories. I, unfortunately, found out the hard way but I am ok now.

So these are the ways that have helped me bear the lockdowns and I hope someway it does for you too and if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. This is a difficult time, I know that, and remember, you’re never alone. Take care of yourself.

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