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Aaron Johnson
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My experience with the Github Community


Hey, I'm a 1st-year Computer Science student and I know the absolute basics of Python, C++, C, and Java. I have also begun to learn git. I was introduced to Github through a YouTube recommended video. After watching the video I was intrigued and so I started to slowly expose myself to the Open Source World. As mentioned, as I know the bare basics of a few programming languages, the number of Repositories that I can contribute to is greatly reduced but I try to help repositories with Documentation till I reach a good level with my knowledge of programming languages.


Being a newbie to the Github community, I was absolutely lost, I had no idea what Repositories, Pull Requests, Issues, Forks, etc were. Since many companies use Github for many of their projects, there are formal rules, signing of documents and many strict guidelines to be followed when contributing to their Repositories and since I haven't been exposed to such scenarios before, you can believe there were a lot of mistakes on my behalf...and this is where the Owners of the repositories come in. I have been very fortunate to have contributed to repositories with the most patient, understanding, and amazing people ever, who have helped me with my mistakes irrespective of how many I made and I absolutely appreciate them.


My experience to date with the Github Community has been absolutely amazing and I hope it stays this way. I also believe the better you treat the contributors for your repository, the more that join and the bigger the community. This has been my experience so far, how has yours been?

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