What is in your work bag?

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I start my internship in two weeks! πŸŽ‰ Help a worrying newbie out!

What do you take in your bag everyday to work?

I'm worried about not taking the right stuff, or worse, taking the wrong stuff...

Tell me the most important equipment in your bag, the things you couldn't live without.

So far:
3.Antiperspirant (I need to worry about that stuff)

Assuming laptop will be kept at work but I'm not sure.

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My bag to work holds:

  • Extra battery / portable charger
  • Notebook
  • A pen
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Headphones
  • Aspirin
  • Phone

That’s about it. I rarely take my work laptop home nor my own laptop to work.

I keep an extra pair of underwear, socks and couple of extra shirts in case I get ambushed by rain on my way to work. I wear different shoes indoors at work as well.


That's a good idea, do you keep your work shoes at work then or take them back and forth everyday?


I keep them at work and change into them when I get there or out of them when I leave.
Always neat and clean at the office :)

Might steal that idea since I'll be biking to work! Hopefully they dont think I'm weird πŸ˜‚


The big one for me that's likely to be different from most is that I carry a 0.8L water bottle with me to and from work. It's a reasonably nice one that's spill proof, so I don't have to worry about my computers or notebooks when I have it on my desk, and it means I don't have to get up every hour or so to get a drink.

Other than that, generic things I have in my bag:

  • Phone charger. Not likely to be an issue, but helpful to have just in case.
  • A lightweight waterproof poncho. I walk to work from the bus stop some days, and I'm not a big fan of umbrellas (it's a lot harder for the wind to take a poncho than an umbrella). Even if you drive though, it never hurts to be prepared (and a good one of these doesn't take up much space).
  • Earbuds. I usually listen to music while I work, and I'm too cheap to buy a separate pair of earbuds just for work. If you do decide to use earbuds, make sure you get ones you can still hear your surroundings through, you absolutely don't want to accidentally ignore your boss when they walk up and start talking to you.
  • Monitor cleaning kit. Literally just a dinky little kit like you could get for 20 USD off of Amazon. We don't stock them where I work, and I prefer my monitor to be reasonably clean. Probably check with the IT department to make sure they're OK with you using your own supplies for this (I dobut it will be an issue, but it never hurts to ask).
  • A pocket comb. Mostly so that I don't have to carry it in my pocket (I have a habit of breaking them when I do that). It never hurts to look your best, and if you're at a place that likes high-gloss monitors, you don't even need a mirror.

Most of the rest of the stuff I have in mine is rather specific to my job particular job, including an assortment of tools, various spare cables, a nice flashlight, about 20m of paracord (surprisingly useful for pulling cables in a pinch, among other things), and a magnifying glass (it's not fun being severely myopic in the IT industry, especially when your predecessor favored labeling things in an 8 point font with horrible metrics).

Also, just a general tip, consider getting a wrist-watch (doesn't have to be expensive, but should at least look professional). It's a lot less obtrusive to check your watch in the middle of a long meeting than to check your phone when you want to see what time it is.


Thanks! I have a .75l water bottle but was actually considering having one just to keep at work aswell instead or carrying it back and forth.

I'm on a placement so I'm probably going to avoid earbuds unless specifically told I can bring them in. 😊


I keep some pens, a notebook, and some post-it's at my desk and that's it. :)

I used to lug my laptop etc. with me but i find i hardly ever need it.


What are the main uses for your post-its? Cheatsheat information or more organisation / reminders etc? 😊 Thanks for replying!


Reminders, and then i use them at meetings for things like retrospective exercises which i then keep in a small stack on my desk for nostalgic posterity.

I am thinking of recycling them for some future retrospectives as part of an exercise.. :)

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