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Ashley Armstrong
Ashley Armstrong

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Am I a developer yet?

So I've been working with my current company for almost 9 months now! I've worked on some amazing projects but I quite a fan of my latest curation:

I would love to get some honest feedback on the functionality and the smoothness of transitions ect.

Thanks guys :D

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Rob Waller

Hey Ashley, I'm not much of a front-end developer so I can't provide a lot of feedback. My initial thought is the site looks nice, with clear information and calls to action.

You may though wish to look at the Lighthouse scores, see Chrome dev tools, as the page performance could be a little better. There might be some small tweaks you can make to improve things in this area.

Hope this helps. 👍

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Ozan Bolel • Edited on

Here is my honest feedback: It looks and feels so cool!

Only issue I could find is the menu button. Only the menu icon is clickable, not the circle around it or the menu text.

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April Smith

The site looks nice sleek and PWA. Good job!
my only comment is that the homepage intro ( in the header) took so long. But overall well done!