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Note for beginners

Beginner’s Guide

If you are thinking to start your developer journey, then ask yourself,

What do you want to be?

What do you really want to be?

Do you want to become a researcher or a developer?


Before you get on a serious drill to become a developer, this question is super important because many of us feel confused whether we should learn the subject in-depth or not

Allow me to make it simple for you

As a beginner, I think you can start with the followings:-

1. Application of knowledge >> Depth Knowledge

Forget about theoretical jargon and how giant tech companies function when you are just starting out! It will scare the shit out of you and you’ll be like “so much to do


Start with how to apply the small things you learn and keep at it religiously.

2. One day at a time

It’s obvious that you will think about how to build a large-scale and efficient system but when you start, all you need to focus on is how to build.


💡 Pro-tip: Once you know how to build stuff with your coding skills then only you should study how to write a large-scale and efficient system.

3. Concepts >>> Syntax

Again, your focus should be crystal clear concepts and not syntax.

For example, while learning the basic JavaScript you should try to learn how the map function or filter or reduce is working rather than asking why are we exactly writing it as

See, this is how it’s written and that's how it works, you need to learn this and move forward.


4. Depths are dangerous when you are just starting out

We are NOT saying that asking questions is wrong.

It’s perfectly fine to have the curiosity to learn things in depth while learning something new but you should also understand that if you keep getting into the depths of everything, things will start becoming really difficult and hard to understand as a beginner.

And, eventually, you will start thinking that programming is very hard and is not for me and you will give up!


To sum it up, as a beginner, the goal is not to get into the depths of the topics but to learn what is necessary and then move forward to the next topic.

PS for experts: This blog is for beginners only, don't overwhelm them by sharing your years of knowledge. Be real and share the truth about how many times you failed and how gradually you learned everything you now know.

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