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Lightning-fast code searching with Hound

Alexander Alemayhu
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Lightning fast code searching made easy


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Hound is an extremely fast source code search engine. The core is based on this article (and code) from Russ Cox Regular Expression Matching with a Trigram Index. Hound itself is a static React frontend that talks to a Go backend. The backend keeps an up-to-date index for each repository and answers searches through a minimal API. Here it is in action:

Hound Screen Capture

Quick Start Guide

Using Go Tools

  1. Install Go if you don't have it already. Hound requires version 1.4 or later You might also want to define a GOPATH environment variable) (it defaults to $HOME/go if you don't explicitly have one set). If everything is installed properly, go version should print out the installed version of go.

  2. Use the Go tools to install Hound. The binaries houndd (server) and hound (cli) will be installed in your $GOPATH/bin directory. Your $GOPATH should be in your $PATH (echo

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