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Points you should definitely keep in mind while creating a LinkedIn profile .

  1. Customize:
    • LinkedIn URL
    • Name , tagline , note(message)
    • Profile picture
    • Relevant title
    • Headline
  2. How your profile pic should look like
    • A headshot pic
    • With smile on face
    • Formal dress up
    • A clear background
    • A high-quality picture
  3. Add Skill Sets
  4. Be approachable
    • Add email-id
    • Contact info
    • About section
  5. Add summary
  6. How to Use the featured snippet
  7. Boost credibility :
    • Get recommendation
    • quality quantity and right people matters e.g. College professors colleagues’ client HOD current and managers
    • take recommendation from the people who are relevant to your field
    • you should focus on your hard skills and soft skills.
  8. You should add around 10 second voice note to your profile with
  9. Approachable cover story
  10. The three E’s approach i.e.
    • Education
    • Experience
    • Endorsement
  11. BYA approach i.e. Boost Your accomplishment : By adding a Publication ,patent, courses, project ,test scores, languages, Organisation , Honours and Awards.

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