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espeak -ng

date | espeak-ng
it speaks date
espeak-ng — version
it shows version
espeak-ng -v hi+f2 -q “text”
it speaks silently we won’t hear anything
espeak-ng “hello Everyone”
speaks the text written in double quotes
espeak-ng -a 200 “hello world”
speaks text with amplitude of 200
espeak-ng -g 100ms “hello world”
speaks the words with the gap of 100 ms
espeak-ng -k 1 “hello world”
speaks the text with sound with each word
espeak-ng -k 2 “hello world”
speaks capital with each words it speaks
espeak-ng -k 200 “hello world”
if we increase the value with -k option it increase the pitch of text
espeak-ng -p 200 “hello world”
we set a pitch (value of p depend on your choice)
espeak-ng -s 200 “text”
it speaks words with a speed of 200 words per minute(value depend on your choice)
espeak-ng -v af+f2 “text”
it speaks with aferican accent with female voice
espeak-ng -v hi+f2 “text”
it speaks with hindi accent with female voice

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