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Migration Guide from Routify to SvelteKit Router

What is the need for migration?

  • I had a few personal projects created using Svelte which I am now migrating to SvelteKit.

  • Svelte did not provide any out-of-box navigation mechanism and hence I was forced to look out for third-party libraries.

  • SvelteKit, on the other hand, has a built-in mechanism for routing and is constantly evolving for good. Since we have a built-in solution available now, it makes sense to adhere to it.

Before we proceed ahead, I want to stress on this point that Routify is an excellent library. I have used that across many personal and professional projects and the experience has been awesome. The only reason I am migrating from Routify to SvelteKit's built-in router is just my personal opinion which is - I installed Routify only because Svelte didn't have any routing mechanism but SvelteKit does.

Does Routify support SvelteKit?

  • The current version of Routify i.e. v2.18 DOES NOT support SvelteKit.

  • We will need to upgrade that to v3-next and as the name suggests, that is still in beta state.

  • Just upgrading the package will not be sufficient, we will need to do a couple of more configurations that are specified in their documentation. I am sure when they release a stable v3 version, they will have a migration guide (from v2 to v3) ready by then.

Process of Migration

Now that we are done with the introduction, let's go through the migration process.

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