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Top 5 free developer utility tools

1. CSV to JSON
The CSV to JSON Converter tool allows you to quickly and easily convert CSV files to JSON format. This tool is commonly used in data analysis and web development applications.

2. REST API Generator
REST API generator for building custom datasets that match your use case. Read and write APIs on top of it for prototyping and testing and build apps for your API.

3. URL Encoder and Decoder
URL encoder/decoder can convert URLs and text to and from a format that can be safely transmitted over the internet.

4. Base64 Encoder and Decoder
Base64 encoder and decoder is a tool that converts data to and from Base64 format, commonly used for transmitting binary data over text-based mediums.

5. UUID Generator
The UUID Generator tool generates unique identifiers using the universally unique identifier (UUID) standard, ensuring a high degree of randomness and uniqueness.

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