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Aahnik Daw
Aahnik Daw

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Stack Overflow blocked me from asking questions 😥

I don't know why. But for quite a long time I am getting this.


Stack Overflow says:

You have reached your question limit
Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more.

My Stack Overflow profile link is

Can you help me debug this issue? I have not violated any community guidelines, as far as I know.

Some of my questions received a few downvotes, but I deleted those.

What can I do to regain the capability to ask questions in Stack Overflow?

Has this ever happened to you? Please let me know in the comments.

What suggestions do you have for me to gain back access to ask questions in SO?

What should I do now? 😥😥

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Shai Almog

It seems deleted question still count towards the ban so deleting doesn't help:

If I read this ( ) correctly it should expire with a week or sooner. But you should be careful with your questions in the near future.

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Kasey Speakman • Edited on

More info on the error message here. It appears to be an automatic ban, done by an algorithm, and only liftable by that algorithm.

SO basically wants you to pretend you are not asking a question for yourself but for all humanity. (No pressure.) They want your question to be fully developed, spelled correctly, applicable to many people, well searched before asking, etc. And it is biased towards technical questions that have quick technical answers. Such as error messages with direct causes or common technical How Tos. It is not actually about helping you with your specific question.

I guess you could look at it more like a crowd-sourced encyclopedia of technical questions. Submitting a question is like submitting an encyclopedia entry which is not guaranteed acceptance. And too many unaccepted entries gets your account flagged.

However most users including myself expected it to be a place where they can just ask a question or answer a question. And it is highly disappointing for that purpose.

As someone else said, you can ask a technical question here. It is less likely that you will get a response but at least you won't be punished for doing so.

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Bobby Iliev

This is quite unpleasant. Feel free to share your question here and maybe the DEV community would be able to help.

Or you could try other forums like the DigitalOcean one for example.

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Abdul Qoyyuum

Be sure to read and follow their how to ask guideline next time so you don't get downvoted to oblivion and prevent you from asking new questions.

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