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Migrating Data from Oracle to PostgreSQL


The advantages of PostgreSQL over Oracle, such as its cost-effectiveness, versatility, and customizability, are highlighted. PostgreSQL offers cost savings through open-source licensing and provides a broader range of deployment options compared to Oracle. Additionally, PostgreSQL offers a wide array of free add-ons and extensions.


The migration project comprises five essential steps:


The Assessment phase involves a thorough examination of the application to determine the effort required for migration. Compatibility checks are performed, and adjustments needed for a seamless transition are identified. The database structure is optimized through architectural cleanup.

Schema Migration:

Schema Migration involves creating PostgreSQL-type users and schemas, with schema conversion automated using tools like Ora2pg, Ora_migrator, Orafce, or EDB Migration Portal.

Functional Testing:

Functional testing is crucial to ensure the modified schema works correctly. The same test dataset is imported into both Oracle and PostgreSQL databases to ensure consistent SQL outputs, with any issues addressed and rectified.

Performance Testing:

Performance testing assesses the migrated database's response times, transaction throughput, and scalability using various workloads and benchmarks.

Data Migration:

Data migration, during the final phase, involves transferring data from the Oracle database to PostgreSQL while maintaining data integrity and consistency, often using specialized scripts or data migration solutions like the EDB Migration Portal.

Throughout the migration process, the project identifies significant disparities and incompatibilities between Oracle and PostgreSQL, providing valuable insights to help users avoid common pitfalls.


The conclusion underscores the importance of a systematic approach, consideration of compatibility, intelligent schema transformation, rigorous testing, and precise data transfer for a successful migration. Businesses can leverage PostgreSQL's advantages, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and customization, by completing the transition to this database system.

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